This is a list of episodes for Nickelodeon's live-action series Big Time Rush. The pilot aired on November 28, 2009. Each episode title starts with the words "Big Time". The first season is confirmed for 20 episodes.[citation needed]

Series overview[edit | edit source]

Season 1: 2009-10[edit | edit source]

Series # Season # Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code
1 1 "Big Time Audition"[2][3] Savage Steve Holland Scott Fellows November 28, 2009 BTR035
The kids know that a big time record producer (Gustavo Rocque) is currently holding auditions and the deadline for tryouts expires within the hour. Desperate to get their friend James to the tryouts, they make a phone call to their respective mothers, looking for a ride. They finally strike a deal with their lady neighbor for a ride to the tryouts with a trade for shoveling snow for her for the rest of the winter. When they arrive, the boys soon discover that the producer Gustavo is judging for the talent search is cliche, mean, and sends out hopeful after hopeful, often in tears. Some, kicking and screaming. When James performs, regardless of his singing ability, the producer dismisses him, stating he "has no fire". James' friends become enraged and Kendall decides to vent his frustrations by jumping up on the judging table and singing a mockingly harsh tune about the many ways the producer resembles a "turd". This event eventually leads the producer to decide he wants to sign Kendall as his next big artist because he "sees the fire". Kendall refuses to go unless they are all four taken as a group, so the producer finally gives in. After this happens, though, he is so mad that he causes a 3.1 quake.
The third act of the movie is driven by the efforts of the production company to mold the four friends into the next big boy band. One of the more amusing sight gags occurs here as the four friends are met by the "Jennifers" in their "slow walk" intro. Their hair blowing cliche style is caused by the large fan that is pointed at them by a child actor who does juice box commercials who wants to be a normal kid and is mostly seen running away from his mother. He then gets paid for his service.
The movie ends when the four friends finally realize that they only really like to sing when they all sing together. They get serious about their efforts, come together and finally impress the record executives that have given the producer the deadline to find talent. The executives give them a three month extension to record and truly show themselves as the next big boy band.
Note: This episode was shown on November 28, 2009 as a sneak peek and special preview for the series. The Jennifers, Lightning Dog, and Tyler are parodies of The Jonas Brothers, Bolt, and the bobble head from Respect the Pouch
Song(s) Featured: Big Time Rush / a preview of the song Famous / a preview of the song The City is Ours

Special Guest Star(s): Nicole Scherzinger as herself

2 2 "Big Time School of Rocque"[3] Savage Steve Holland David Schiff January 18, 2010 101
The guys get a dose of reality when Kelly tells them they have to go to school at least for four hours while they live in Los Angeles. While the boys want to go to the fun Palm Woods school, they learn that Gustavo has arranged to have their school located at the recording studio, so they are never far from his grip. The boys do whatever is necessary to take down the "School of Rocque" and go to the Palm Woods school, with the big book that Gustavo gave to them. Meanwhile, an attempt from Mrs. Knight to homeschool Katie fails, so she tries to get Katie to act in a commercial to gain entrance in the Palm Woods, with the help of a Talent Manager.
Absent: Matt Riedy as Griffin / Erin Sanders as Camille
Note: The episode premiered to 6.8 million viewers, making it the highest rated premiere for a live action series in Nick history.[4]

Special Guest Star(s): Dee Bradley Baker as Mr. Smitty / Chris Mordetzky as himself / Tara Strong as Miss Collins

3 3 "Big Time Crib"[3] David Kendall Scott Fellows January 22, 2010 102
The guys are not thrilled with their boring apartment at the Palm Woods and hatch a plan to improve it when Gustavo creates a fun "fake" living area for them on a soundstage for an upcoming EPK shoot. The guys enlist the help of all their friends at Palm Woods to move all the cool games and gadgets from the set to their apartment. In the end, Gustavo takes away the set from the apartment but later puts it back as a "treat." The episode ends with Kelly saying to Gustavo, "You like them, don't you? They're not like other bands you've produced," and Gustavo replying, "They're dogs and I'm training them."

Song(s) Featured: Big Time Rush (used for a commercial)

4 4 "Big Time Bad Boy"[3] Joe Menendez Lazar Saric January 29, 2010 103
The record company CEO thinks adding a fifth band member will broaden Big Time Rush's appeal and sticks the guys with a self-proclaimed "bad boy" named Wayne Wayne, who tries to inject dissension and tension within the group. Ultimately, Gustavo and the guys band together to get him booted out of the band, in a "bad boy-off". Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight gets persuaded that there's an axe maniac on the loose, and forces Katie to play with a girl named Molly, who is later found to be a con actress that's 20 years old and tries to pass herself off as an 11-year-old girl driving in a high speed chase with cops, using Mrs. Knight's rental car, trying to get a job in Hollywood. Kendall becomes the bad boy after beating Wayne Wayne who really isn't a bad boy.
Note: Wayne Wayne is a parody of Eminem
Song(s) Featured: The City is Ours

Special Guest Star(s): Matt Angel as Wayne Wayne

5 5 "Big Time Love Song"[3] Jon Rosenbaum Scott Fellows February 5, 2010 104
The guys chase the same girl, causing the band to fight. James gets an allergic reaction to a manly body spray and Kelly attempts to make him get a shot. Katie has to write a report on her biggest hero and writes about Gustavo so she doesn't have to read anything. Griffin wants a slow love song for the next song, but Gustavo can't seem to figure out how to make the song work, and after hearing the boys sing it to the same girl quickly, he discovers it should be a quick love song, not a slow one, and Griffin liked it.
Note: This is the first appearance of Jo and Freight Train
Song(s) Featured: Any Kind of Guy

Special Guest Star(s): Lorenzo Lamas as Dr. Hollywood / Katelyn Tarver as Jo / Stephen Keys as Freight Train

6 6 "Big Time Mansion"[3] Joe Menendez Jed Spingarn February 12, 2010 105
When Gustavo has to go away on a business trip in North Carolina, he lets the guys house-sit his mansion. While the boys do their best to keep the house in pristine condition, they break all his rules and inevitably destroy everything inside that Gustavo values. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight is upset because she feels as though Kendall doesn't rely on her anymore, so Katie pretends to be sick. When the boys find out Gustavo is coming home early, Kendall asks his mom to help clean up the mansion. While in North Carolina, Gustavo and Kelly view another boy band called the Windmills, who idolize Gustavo. At first, Gustavo enjoys it, but then can't stand it. Kelly gets him to admit that he likes the boys and needs them to argue with him and get in his face.
Absent: Matt Riedy as Griffin / Erin Sanders as Camille / Denyse Tontz, Spencer Locke, and Savannah Jayde as The Jennifers
Song(s) Featured: Famous / The City Is Ours

Note: Gustavo references Green Day in this episode

7 7 "Big Time Photo Shoot"[3] Jonathan Judge Ron Holsey February 26, 2010 106
The boys are having their very first photo shoot as Big Time Rush. However, with Gustavo and Kelly, doing community service for vandalizing Matthew McConaughey's mailbox, they decide to change the direction of the shoot to fit their own needs. Meanwhile, Katie and Mrs. Knight are determined to get an autograph from teen hunk Dak Zevon.
Song(s) Featured: preview of the song "Halfway There"
Special Guest Star(s): Carlos Alazraqui as Marcos / Curt Hansen as Dak Zevon

Note: That the magazine "Pop Tiger" is a parody of the magazine "Tiger Beat." Dak Zevon is a parody of Zac Efron.

8 8 "Big Time Break" Paul Lazarus Lazar Saric March 5, 2010 107
The boys are relieved to finally be able to spend some time apart after finding out they have the day off. Logan is determined to get into a math lecture taught by one of his crushes, but is disappointed when he finds out no boys are allowed into the school where it's taking place. Carlos panics when he realizes his helmet is missing, but gets a surprise visit from his father who accompanies him on a mission to retrieve his helmet. James decides to spend his day off trying to set off his acting career with the help of Camille. Kendall is desperate to spend time with his crush Jo, but is discouraged when she continuously reminds him she has a boyfriend. However, when Katie finds out Jo does not have a boyfriend, Kendall is determined to get the truth out of her. And she admits it.
Absent: Tanya Chisolm as Kelly / Matt Riedy as Griffin
Special Guest Star: Erik Estrada as Officer Garcia

Note: Witches of Rodeo Drive is a parody to the popular Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place. This is also the first time that Tayna Chislom is absent.

9 9 "Big Time Demos" Henry Chan Scott Fellows March 19, 2010 108
The guys, who desperately want to remain in L.A., ask Gustavo how the winning demo is picked, but Gustavo does not know. Mercedes Griffin, Griffins daughter, comes and pretends to be the "secret someone who picks the demos." She says that Kendall is her new boyfriend, which freaks Kendall out because he doesn't even know her. Kendall agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend so she will pick BTR as the winning band. However, she breaks up with him when he hesitates to say that he loves her. She then says Carlos is her new boyfriend and make him bake her cookies. The cookies are bad and Mercedes throws them at Carlos, who runs to take refuge in the bathroom, where Gustavo, Kelly, Logan, James and Kendall are hiding. Mercedes breaks up with Carlos because he talked with 'shower people' behind her back. She says Logan is her new boyfriendd, but Kendall says that Logan is dumping her. She replies by saying that there is no way she will pick BTR and then smashes the Demo with her high heels. She comes back to apologize and admit that she is not the demo chooser. James is mad at her for never picking him to be her boyfriend. but soon feels better when she says that she never dates anyone prettier than her.The boys kidnap the real demo chooser which is a chimp name Lolo and they try to train him to like Big Time Rush with the positive reinforcement of bananas, but Lolo escapes. When Griffin stops by with the chimpanzee, he demands to know what happened. Mercedes tell him that it is her fault. Lolo says no to Big Time Rush. Mercedes says that Lolo is wrong and gives Griffin alot of data to prove her point. Griffin is shocked and transfers Lolo to defense and make Mercedes the new demo picker. She picks Big Time Rush. Griffin asks Mercedes if there was anything he could get her, and she says she never got a chance to date Logan. Griffin makes Logan her new boyfriend. Gustavo writes a new song for the boys, 'Halfway There' and the episode ends after they finish singing it. Meanwhile, Mrs.Knight tries to be assistant manager to stay at Palmwoods for Katie's sake, but quits when Kelly renews the lease. The boys get to continue living in L.A. and get to make an album for Big Time Rush.
Song(s) Featured: Big Time Rush / Any Kind of Guy / Halfway There / a brief preview of the song "Famous"

Guest Stars: Carlie Casey as Mercedes Griffin

10 10 "Big Time Party" Jon Rosenbaum Dave Schiff April 2, 2010 109
When the boys find out they are not invited to their own party, they decide to throw their own, even though the hotel manager does not allow it. When Mrs. Knight and Katie head off on a day trip to San Diego, the boys take advantage of it and plan the party. They call it a 'social gathering', since there is no rule forbidding them, and the boys agree on only inviting 3 friends each. Kendall invites Jo, as his 'guest-friend-person-thing', while James invites the 3 hottest girls on his phone. It is unknown who Logan invited. Carlos can't decide and ends up inviting the first 3 contacts on his phone which are and 'All Contacts' (Carlos thought it was "Allie Contacts", thus inviting his whole phone. Back at Rouque Records, Gustavo, who is hosting the party the boys were kicked out of, says his party is horrible. In order to impress and entertain Fugizaki and Griffin, he and Kelly dress up as Russian Acrobats and try to perform. Bitters, the hotel manager 'smells' a party and suits up in search for it, in hopes to give the boys their 3rd 'strike' and kick them out of the Palmwoods. Kendall tells James and Carlos to get the party out of the apartment, while he and Jo try to distract Bitters. They succeed in moving the party outside to the pool, which was not what Kendall meant. Jo and Kendall fake a party and trap Bitters in Gustavo's 'Super Party Fun Box'. Camille is all over Logan, and Logan rushes to Kendall for help. Kendall tells Logan to tell Camille that he is not interested and they should just be friends, but Jo tell Logan to relax and see where it goes. Logan takes Jo's advice and goes back to chat with Camille. However, Mercedes', Logan's 'girlfriend' (see big time demos) arrives at the party on Carlos' invitation. Mercedes wants to spend time with Logan. Logan tell James and Carlos his problem and James says 'Got it, now what's the problem.' Carlos explains that this is not a problem for Logan, but it is the best party of his life. Logan agrees and then starts spending time with both Camille and Mercedes,rotating between them every few minutes, without both of the girls knowing. Mercedes and Camille find out what is happening and throws Logan in the pool. Later, Mercedes says to Logan that her heart is shattered and she will never love again and then she tell Guitar Dude that he is cute and that he is her new boyfriend. Guitar Dude replies 'Sweet'. Gustavo find out that the boys are having in amazing party and therefore moves everyone at his 'classy' party to the Palmwoods. Camille comes to Logan and says that she is so mad that she would not talk to him for the rest of the week. Logan starts saying that Camille is a very cool person but Camille cuts him off saying that they can still dance, which they do. James and Carlos self proclaim themselves the "Hollywood party kings of Hollywood" for hosting the party.
Song(s) Featured: The City Is Ours / Halfway There / Any Kind of Guy / Big Time Rush / preview of the song "Famous"

Special Guest Star(s): Katelyn Tarver as Jo / Carlie Casey as Mercedes

11 11 "Big Time Jobs" David Kendall Ron Holsey April 16, 2010 110
Gustavo forces the boys to get jobs in order to pay the damages at the Palm Woods.
12 12 "Big Time Dance" Fred Savage TBA April 23, 2010 111
The boys plan to use Gustavo's recording studio as the location for their first school dance.
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